Yiannis Adamantopoulos

A dedicated professional who will change your mind about the tourism industry!

When we think of tourism, what is the first thing that comes to mind? I mean when someone tells you I work in tourism, what is the first thing you think they do? Having talked to many people, the most common thing we think of is that they work as a tour guide, travel agency or at a hotel or even as a waiter at a venue in an island…right? I sure have and to be completely blunt I have sometimes looked down on it too… But tourism is one the most thriving industries and for many beautiful countries, it is or can account for the largest percent of their GDP. I bet if you met the General Manager of Athens Gate Hotel, Yiannis Adamantopoulos, you would want to get into tourism! He is the definition of professionalism, an attitude that we usually do not find easily on our vacations…

With a bachelor and an MBA in Marketing and Business Management, most of Yiannis’s career has been in the tourism sector and serving his country with exceptional dedication and love! He is the kind of person that you know you can trust… a professional committed in delivering his and his teams excellence from the moment you book your stay at their hotel! He took over the management of the Athens gate in 2012, continuing as he says the great work done before him but also taking it even further, such as receiving Tripadvisor hall of fame and many more awards! Yiannis believes that his most important asset, are his people! He says the first thing he did when he first took over the hotels management, was to invest in his people. Educating them in serving the customer but most importantly in being representatives of their country by giving their visitors an unforgettable experience! Because tourism is all about the people and how they can connect and comfort you making you feel like “home”!  

When you are on vacations, don’t you think of relaxation and being casual and free from do’s and don’ts? And sometimes the people giving you the service, whether the hotel or the restaurant or any other venue regarding your holidays, are also on that “mood” … the mood of being “chill”? Well that is exactly what we do not like about tourism… As we have paid for a service and we expect to receive it! Yiannis Adamantopoulos is the Manager who takes their service as serious as any other industry! He is super polite and friendly but in the context of being professional… Has a lovely welcoming smile and a man who cares deeply about giving his best and even more to his people, tourists, his hotel and the greater environment… from painting the public phone booth outside the hotel to giving away their left-over soaps for recycling to NGOs!