Yiouli Doxanaki

Bringing automation and know-how to the toughest industry!

Yiouli Doxanaki was always in touch with the “earth” and agriculture… because of her father who was an agronomist, from a very young age she knew what it meant to grow your own plants and to milk a cow! But sometimes we don’t always follow in our parents’ footsteps at first and we need to find our own paths… and later to only find out that our values are connected with our past and that’s exactly what we are doing… following them but in our own way!

Yiouli studied business and marketing and got her MA in arts and culture, working for the marketing department of cultural organizations in the UK. She came back to Greece o take over her father’s business consulting in the agrifood sector. After a few years excelling at her job, she picked up on a need in the market of agricultural lands and lack of solid know-how for cultivating a piece of land either for extra income or even for personal use by cultivating your own vegetables and fruits. So together George Pantazopoulos co-founder, and after 2 years of research and know-how they found in 2013. This very useful platform has everything you need from thinking of cultivating your land (no matter how big or small, professional or for household use), sending you and agronomist, till certifying the cultivated product and helping you even exporting and selling it!

You must understand that trying to make agriculture automated and moreover into an online platform, it takes a lot of hard work, expertise, research-testing and the most important it needs incredible patience as it is time consuming! And that means that in order to know which soil is good for what and when to cultivate it (and this just one of the thousands of criteria’s) you need to test it and WAIT and see the results; if it will grow, how it will grow, how much water it needs, what parasites and insects are in the region etc.

Yiouli Doxanaki has achieved to bring professionalism and automation to the toughest and most unstable industry due to many variable conditions such as weather! She has it all as an entrepreneur… great foresight, professionalism, committed, creative and loves what she does! And her lovely smile makes your day! And just a small example of her influence on me: I went home and took care of my plants!