Yorgos Koropoulis

Architect, accredited food taster, philosopher who is producing one of the best olive oils of the world!

I met Yorgos Koropoulis in his beautiful house and right then I could understand I was at a presence of a person with classy taste, super neat and a person with very high quality and standards! And as he welcomed me and we started talking, I was fascinated by his gentleman manners and who means what he says! If I was to describe him in one word, it would be QUALITY! He has a special way of explaining everything, in depth and in a philosophical but structured - focused way that you feel you are talking with a professor… And you can’t get enough!

Yorgos Koropoulis started out his career as an architect and is a very fine one! He has been a part of desighning and building some of the biggest malls and music theatres in Greece. There is something else you should know about him… he sees the big picture and dreams big! He has always excelled in all the projects he undertook and always a winner… Having lived a great life as an architect, Yorgos could feel the crisis coming and knew that the construction sector was the first to get a hit. He took sometime searching what was next for him and the one thing that he had very strong in his memory was his families’ origins in producing olive oil in south of Greece, Monemvasia; a beautiful place that he has special memories and is very attached to! After research he started becoming fond of the idea of getting back to his roots and producing olive oil… Now keeping in mind the two big words that describe him: Quality and Big, he started producing an olive oil that was going to be the top of the top! And that’s exactly what he did! He learned everything there was to learn about producing olive oil and he inspired the top quality farmers of olive trees and bought their best olives! Maleas olive oil is a product that has heart and soul; it is a product made by people who care about their district and love what they do… It is beautiful inside out; as the bottle and the label is a work of art, and besides many international awards and certificates regarding its quality and taste, it has also won the 2014 silver Pentawords…among all food products of the world!!!

Maleas olive oil is hosted on the shelves of many super high end Delicatessens and shops such as Merkur Hoher Markt of Vienna and Harrods of London and you would only expect such a top product to be exclusive and pricy… but that’s not the case! Maleas is a superior – luxury brand accessible to all and is made with love and vision by Yorgos Koropoulis to make Maleas olive oil a product that you will buy as a present when visiting friends and loved ones to accompany you and your meals and create beautiful memories…