Are you an Entrepreneur, Artist, Actor, Athlete, Chef, Designer, Musician, Performer, Producer, Scientist, Teacher, Writer, etc...?

Do you lack communication skills, finding it difficult to reach out to new clients?

Are you starting a new business and want to network finding new collaborations?

Do you want someone to accompany and promote you positively?

Do you want expert know-how solutions in bringing your idea to life?

Do you want new visibility or to increase your market impact?

No - matter what your profession, as long as you have passion and vision together we will explore new paths connecting and accompanying you in taking the next step towards your goal!

Positive Connecting Services

Crikos values are based on Empowerment, Encouragement and Connecting through its tailor made services. Depending on your requirements, together we will define the best solution and work closely to implement it every step of the way, from planning to realization.

Whether you have a talent, passion, an idea and want to bring it to life - take your project to the next level finding new clients - want to establish and extend your network, at Crikos we will connect you to the right people/companies. We will accompany you through this procedure, providing a secure environment for you to establish an authentic and deep connection ensuring a strong collaboration.

Why connect through us?

Crikos is about a positive chain reaction. By working with us you will experience our passion for communicating openly and warmly.

We pride ourselves in dealing with all business transactions while focusing on the human factor, enabling us to make genuine connections.

Connecting means mutual sharing and that is exactly what we accomplish at Crikos through our vast network.

Step 01.

In our first meeting we do all the listening and gather information about you and your project.

Step 02.

Pre-testing report: we start research, gathering extra information while preparing a SWOT Analysis regarding your project.

Step 03.

We will let you know if and how we will take on your project, giving you a detailed analysis of the next steps and possible communications.

Step 04.

We will accompany you in the meetings with the right people, providing a secure and positive environment.

Together we will explore new paths with unlimited opportunities to take your idea/business/profession to the next level.
No matter what your talent, profession, product or service…if it’s your passion, together we will make it happen.
Are you passionate about your work, intrigued by making a difference in your community, open to new ideas? Then we would love to hear your story.
Experience the connecting services of Crikos!
Chrissoula Manolakaki

Australia is Chrissoula’s birthplace. She studied computer programming in Athens and was employed in the private sector for years in various positions. Organizing retreats and seminars was a talent that gradually emerged, through motivating people to try new experiences for change and joy so that more and more could travel on their pathway to personal development. Connecting people, a passion that accompanies her all her life, has led her to Crikos Connecting Services with her partner Maryam.

Maryam Rezaei

Seeing the big picture and dreaming big has always marked Maryam’s path. A very bumpy road due to huge ups and downs, successes and falls! From joining her father’s picture-framing factory at the age of 19 and later on managing it, to establishing a successful consulting company and a monthly sponsorship magazine “sponsor-it” at 25, she has always been an entrepreneur at heart. Crikos is her passion and dream to connect the world and to inspire people to Be a Positive Chain Reaction. Having a partner like Chrissoula Manolakaki just makes this vision into reality, as she is born a connector!

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