Stella Zoulinaki

A fighter, Entrepreneur, Insurance Consultant, Coach, Giver… A woman who inspires everyone around her in everything she does!

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul or the doorway to a woman’s heart…and to introduce you to the beautiful woman of this story, I will use the quote by Nikos Kazantzakis: “Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.” And that is exactly what Stella Zoulinaki has done in her life and goes by…she makes the best out of everything that comes her way! Ofcourse as you can see for yourself the sayings all mention eyes, as she has a set of gorgeous, sparkling diamonds as her eyes…Everyone wants to be a diamond but only a few are willing to get cut! And I say this as you can see the amount of “cuts” and pain she has been through looking in her eyes. Stella Zoulinaki is a compassionate, creative, energetic, sensitive yet tough professional woman, entrepreneur, mother, volunteer who she stops at no barrier!


Born in a large family yet living together harmoniously, Stella had many incentives as what to pursue as a career. So she ended up working in their jewelry stores. But due to a couple of traumatic experiences with burglars, with one of them being held with a gun to her head at the age of 16, Stella knew she didn’t want to live with the fear of near-death experience nor having to start again from scratch each time it happened! So, she decided to pursue a career in the diplomatic corps! Throughout her studies from being granted a scholarship from IKY till receiving her master’s degree from Jean Monnet in Brussels, Stella was always a straight “A” student with great zeal to be the best at everything she did! However, she decided to leave the career in Diplomacy & Foreign Affairs and return to her home country as she was advised by an Ambassador that not having a family background or any “strings” in that field, it would take her many years to get high in the ladder! The same person pointed out to her, that she had natural skills in sales and communication and advised her to look into the Insurance Sector back then! And so she did! Stella Zoulinaki has had till this day a respected and many times awarded career as an executive insurance consultant as a trainer, advisor, and coach to other insurance brokers for over 20 years! And believe me, her path was never rosy! She has faced many challenges, painful situations, disappointments, and managed not just to overcome them but to restart each time even stronger and wiser! In 2014, she started her own insurance company called: Feel Safe Insurance! Of course the first word “feel” totally explains her! As Stella is a woman who breaks the clichés of what we usually tend to believe about the insurance market… As she is all about caring and delivering life-saving solutions for her clients!


Stella Zoulinaki is a hard-working professional with a passion for excellence…what you don’t know about her is her sensitive and giving side! Overcoming yet another huge challenge in her life, breast cancer, Stella didn’t want to just save herself, but she decided to be a part of saving lives through awareness! She is an active board member of EUROPA DONNA HELLAS, helping to raise awareness of breast cancer and to mobilizing women and governments to improve legislation and laws for women! And that’s not all! Together with Dimitris Tselios, they are the founding members of Hopeaholics, a beautiful initiative to bring hope to their society through acts of giving and kindness but also awareness for the wellbeing of humans, animals, and our environment! She is a woman to love… :)